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Some of the awesome team behind the Ethicall magic.

Some of the awesome team behind the Ethicall magic.

- Rich Jones
Telephone Fundraiser

"I was in a bit of a difficult place when I first started at Ethicall, struggling with addiction and homelessness. I was feeling pretty lost..."

Rich Jones's Story

- Kerry Page
Telephone Fundraiser

"Fresh out of university with a drama degree I needed money and needed it quickly! I found a job in a call centre fundraising..."

Kerry Page's Story

- Ben Talbot
From Fundraiser to Fundraising Centre Director

"My Ethicall journey started in 2007 when I moved to Bristol. I had no idea what job to do as I had just left..."

Ben Talbot's Story

- Andrew Collins
Telephone Fundraiser

"I've worked at Ethicall for 5 years now - which is extraordinary for me as I came for a short-term temp job..."

Andrew Collins's Story

Join our mission!

If you are inspired by these stories, want to help make the world a better place, enjoy talking to people and want to inspire others to support a range of charities then Ethicall could be the place for you to build a career.

No experience necessary

No experience
necessary - just you!

You don't need fundraising experience because we provide comprehensive training and you will be supported at every step. What is really needed is the ability to listen, build rapport and to negotiate effectively and respectively.

Engage and inspire - be the best you can be

Engage and inspire - be the best you can be

We believe in engaging our staff with the charities they work with, so they can see their work in action and speak from experience. This can involve anything from a talk from a beneficiary to a trip to see a charity's work in action. We want to inspire our fundraisers to be the best they can be when speaking to donors on the telephone.

Celebrate our teams achievements

Celebrate our teams

Our team is friendly and welcome and we always like to celebrate success with awards and parties. We take immense satisfaction from what we do.

Open fundraiser roles

  • Location: Our fundraising centre in central Bristol.
  • Contract: Full time, temporary and permanent contracts are available and we ask for a minimum of six months commitment.
  • Skills: Listening, rapport building, empathy and negotiation.
  • Hours: 10-7pm Monday to Friday. No working at the weekends!
  • Salary: Living Wage


Please email Ben, attaching your CV and using a maximum of 50 words to describe why you would be an asset to our team.


Lets talk about
how we can
work together.

Call us on: 0117 428 1900

Email us on: enquiries@ethicall.org.uk