We listen, we motivate and empower supporters to change the world.

We listen, we motivate and empower supporters to change the world.

We are Ethicall

We are passionate about making the world a better place. We treat everyone with respect and care. We are open and honest with what our experience tells us is achievable and we ensure we never over promise and under deliver. To date we have helped our charity partners raise in excess of £140m (Year 1 Income).

Bristol born and bred

Bristol born and bred

Ethicall is Bristol born and bred. With Bristol being such a socially engaged city it is the perfect location for us. We run both national and local campaigns for charities large and small. We work in partnership with 45 charities and NPOs and are experts in having conversations with people. We listen and empower supporters to help make a difference.

We have unrivalled, valuable experience

We have unrivalled,
valuable experience

Our team has a background across a wide variety of fundraising mediums. Many have previously worked directly for charities in fundraising departments and several members of our team have earned the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Certificate in Fundraising Management. Collectively our Senior Management Team have worked in Fundraising for over 125 years!

years of proven,
ethical fundraising

years of senior,
leadership experience

charity and NPO,

engaging, passionate
telephone fundraisers

The Ethicall Way

We are passionate about being ethical and being the best we can be for our charity partners, staff and suppliers.

The Ethicall Vision

The Ethicall Vision

"To be an ethical charity telephone fundraising team by name and by nature."

The Ethicall Mission

The Ethicall Mission

"To simply be the best at what we do. Ethical fundraising. Inspiring supporters and delivering maximum long term returns, resulting in happy charity partners."

The Ethicall Way

In July 2010 the Ethicall team put together a set of principles and values to clearly communicate how we should work together as a team, with our clients and our suppliers.

In 2021 we revisited them to make it more concise. Our entire team should:

  • be passionate about making the world a better place.
  • be respectful to all - supporters, clients, suppliers and each other.
  • be open, transparent, direct but constructive.
  • be a team that listens and empowers one another.
  • be the best they can be.
  • be who you are, who you want to be and wear hats and flip flops.
  • be ethical and Ethicall.

Want to know more about what we do?

Our mission to give back

As part of our 'ethicallness' we make every effort to give back to the world we work for. Ethicall's charitable giving focuses on a wide variety of causes including human rights, overseas development and the environment, as well as projects with beneficiaries in Bristol.


of our post tax profits back
to the UK charity sector


raised for our clients
since we started in 2007


donated back to the
charity sector since 2007

"Ethicall has been supporting HIPZ since 2014, and in that time they have donated over £100,000 to our work. This has enabled us to build brand new health facilities, purchase new equipment and ultimately save more lives. As well as this phenomenal financial contribution, Ethicall are far more than your average partner and the team’s warmth, energy and genuine engagement with our work make them a complete pleasure to work with.”

Ru MacDonagh, HIPZ Founder and Chairman

Ethically green -
inside and out

We work hard to ensure we reduce our impact on the planet as much as possible. We ensure our energy is supplied by renewables, our small number of company cars are being changed to electric and many of our visits to our charity clients are by public transport. We also ensure our power usage is as low as possible and we recycle and donate things to our local community that we no longer can make use of.

Ethicall also purchase 1 tree each week for every employee working for us. We work in partnership with TreeSisters to do this.

Ethically green - inside and out

Lets talk about
how we can
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