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Creative, strategic, bespoke, relationship building campaigns.

Creative, strategic, bespoke, relationship building campaigns.

Inspiring & empowering conversations

We use the telephone to have inspiring conversations with charity supporters. The telephone is one of the only and most powerful ways, for a charity to have a two-way interactive conversation with their donors. It allows a charity to keep supporters up to date with the achievements of the charity, which of course is only possible with the support of these donors. We are experts at asking for support and work closely with charities to make sure we convey their voice and passion. We listen to and empower supporters to help change the world.

Bespoke Campaigns

Bespoke Campaigns

Every campaign is bespoke, and every call must be an integrated part of a communications strategy. It must make sense to the supporter receiving it.

Honesty and transparency

Honesty and

Ethicall provide open and honest advice. We will forecast conservatively to ensure fundraising budgets are met and exceeded and we won't over promise and under deliver.

Monitoring and compliance

Monitoring and

Charity supporters are at the heart of all we do. To ensure we deliver this we regularly monitor our incredibly low complaint rate, we have a dedicated Director of Compliance, we also have an external call monitoring company who independently monitor the quality of our conversations. In addition, every call is recorded and accessible by the charity directly.

For further information about how we do things, please read our Complaint Policy or our Treating Donors fairly Policy. If you do not wish to be contacted by Ethicall just send us an email using the following link.

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Supporter Journeys

Our calls are not always to ask for money. Ethicall specialises in building supporter journeys via the telephone, which truly engage the supporter with their cause. We help charities build donor centric strategies from a broad range of techniques, ultimately creating successful supporter journeys including:

Recruitment of new Donors

Recruitment of new Donors

  • Motivating new donors to support your organisation.
  • Encouraging Supporters to find other supporters.
  • Inspiring those who have given one off donations to support the charity regularly.
  • Welcoming new supporters to the charity.
  • Motivating charity campaigners/event participants/volunteers/ website shoppers, to name a few, to support regularly.
  • Encouraging those supporters who stopped giving financially and finding more comfortable ways/levels for them to support.
Relationship building of existing Donors

Relationship building of existing Donors

  • Inspiring supporters to leave a gift in their will.
  • Updating and inspiring supporters about their support and where appropriate asking if they can give more.
  • Discussing charity events with donors and helping them find ways to participate.
  • Simply thanking donors for their support and updating them on what they are helping achieve.
  • Donor surveys to engage and discover how supporters want to engage with the charity in future.
  • Instigating Gift Aid support from donors.
  • Welfare/Check in/Concierge calls with beneficiaries of charities to make sure they are getting the support they need.

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Added value services

We also have experience in offering the following;

Telephone fundraiser
training for in-house teams.

An introduction to Telephone
Fundraising for Supporter
Services teams.

An introduction to Telephone
Fundraising for Trustee

In house telephone team
support and guidance - set
up and/or ongoing

Sector Comparative Analysis

Digital Campaign


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