Data use and Privacy Information Notice

Charity Supporters and Employees

This notice outlines how and why we process and capture data at Ethicall and what we then use it for, in the running of our business. It relates specifically to data on individuals, and helps fulfil our obligations to you, under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have tried to write it in clear language, to be as transparent as possible, about how we may use your data.

It relates to our business of telephone fundraising (Direct Marketing), which we undertake on behalf of our charity clients, and data we may temporarily hold on you as a charity supporter. It also relates to data we may hold on you as an employee of Ethicall.

If you have any questions or queries please contact our Data protection Officer whose contact details are at the end of this notice.

Charity Supporters

We are a Data Processor for our client charities, who remain the Data Controllers in respect of your Data in relation to your charity support.

We may receive your personal data as a charity supporter of one of our client charities and use this data to make contact with you, to discuss your support of charities.

We will capture information on the outcomes of the conversation we have had with you, use this to update data and then return data to our client charities.

We will remove your data from our systems, when it is no longer required to fulfil our work for our clients. This is usually after 3 months.

We may retain specific data for some time, if this enables us to fulfil our obligations to you. For example to ensure that a request to not call you in future is honoured.

Security of your data is the highest priority for us and our systems are robust to ensure safe storage of your data and transfer of data to and from our clients.

We take responsibility for helping ensure that our client charities also fulfil their obligation to process your data fairly and lawfully.

All our work for clients is based on a formal legal contract, including agreement on Data Protection and a detailed, agreed, written brief on the work to be undertaken. As part of this we will require evidence from our client that our contact with you on behalf of our client charity is lawful and fair under GDPR.

Your data will only be transferred to a third parties for us to validate that your contact details are accurate. Your Data will not be transferred outside the EU.

Calls we make to you may be recorded. These are used to monitor quality. An element of this quality monitoring may be undertaken by a third party supplier. Data protection agreements are be in place with this supplier to ensure the security and fair processing of your data.

It is your statutory right to submit a subject access request if you wish to see data that is held on you. This will be actioned by the (client charity) data controller, in association with Ethicall (the data processor). You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the ICO.

Full details of our data protection measures can be found in our data protection policy which can be made available on request.

If you are a charity supporter who would rather not be contacted you can let us know by emailing us at takemeoffyourlist@ethicall.org.uk Please provide your name and telephone number to enable us to do this.


As an employee of Ethicall we will collect data in relation to you and your employment. This is to enable us to fulfil our contractual, statutory and management obligations.

We rely on the legal principles of legitimate interest and a contractual need to hold this data, which enables us to administer your employment, including ensuring you are paid correctly for the work you do.

We will also hold data which enables us to manage you and your performance at work, and to ensure we fulfil our legal obligations in relation to tax and employment law. This may include appraisal and disciplinary information.

For example we may hold data including, name address, salary details, and other information voluntarily disclosed by you at the point of application or at other points in your employment.

Your data will be deleted 6 months after your employment ends.

It is your statutory right to submit a subject access request to see the data we process in relation to you.

If you have any questions in relation to your data you can contact Ethicall’s Data protection Officer, David Walwin on enquiries@ethicall.org.uk, call us on 0117 4281900, or write to Ethicall:
Suite 4a,
Spectrum Building,
Bond Street