Lovely Long Term ROIs

We take the time to understand our charity partners’ supporters so we can translate the passion for their cause into successful and motivational fundraising calls. We work hard to understand their tone and messaging, and ensure our call becomes a seamless interaction within the organisation’s wider communication strategy.

Our team's enthusiasm for making the world a better place leads to telephone fundraising campaigns that really work.

We are extremely focused on supporter care and we know immediate results are important, but we also understand that long term ROI is crucial to the future fundraising strategy of the charity we are working with. We take care to ensure the new gifts we inspire are for the long term, and not just for today!

But we also know that the best possible return on investment is achieved by managing price, as well as delivering effective fundraising.

We work hard to give our charity partners the most cost-effective prices on the market.

Our prices are only on a 'cost per contact' basis. Our charging is heavily volume linked, the more work an organisation does with us the more cost effective we can be and therefore we pass this cost saving on.

Please see our FAQs page for further details.